Google and the Android Secret Apps

Google and the Android Secret Apps

Google And The Android Secret Apps. In this post, I am going to be revealing to you, some jealously guided Google Apps you need to know, especially for those in the internet marketing niche, and to keep you updated in the world of app usage.

Google and the Android Secret Apps

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I have decided to do an outside the box research sort of a thing and ready to reveal to you these amazing Android apps, that you may not at moment get from the Google Play Store.

Google and the Android Secret Apps


Google and the Android Secret Apps
YouTube is a leading online video streaming service that allows you to view share and even download your favourite videos now streaming is just a fancy word for downloading meaning every time you watch a video on YouTube you are spending your precious data on it and FVD tube app lets you save your precious data by downloading your favourite YouTube video in any available format. Google And The Android Secret Apps.

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You can also get an inbuilt music and video player within the app which you don't find in any other app of the same category the app offers lots of features like it blocks the annoying popping ads, download multiple videos at a time, download videos directly into audio format if you wish and has inbuilt audio and video player the app is completely free.

You can download it from this link.

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Best Movies In 2018 So Far

Best Movies In 2018 So Far

We shall be looking at the Best Movies In 2018 So Far. Six months of 2018 have passed, so with it being the mid-way point of the year, we share our pick of the best movies released in cinemas thus far…

Best Movies In 2018 So Far

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Best Movies In 2018 So Far

1. Annihilation — Chris Tilly (Managing Editor)

Best Movies In 2018 Annihilation

Alex Garland has effortlessly segued from top novelist (The Beach, The Tesseract) to skilled screenwriter (28 Days Later, Sunshine, Dredd) to brilliant director (Ex Machina, and if the rumours are to be believed, Dredd). Annihilation is his latest sci-fi opus, which very sadly failed to find an audience in American cinemas, and went straight-to-Netflix in most other territories. Which is a tragedy, as his adaptation of Jan VanderMeer’s 2014 novel is disturbing, terrifying and thought-provoking all at once.

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The film follows a group of women — played by the likes of Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Tessa Thompson — into a mysterious anomaly dubbed ‘The Shimmer.’ Where they are forced to confront both beauty and horror. It’s a complex movie that challenges the audience at every turn. The shocking final few scenes have stayed with me for months.

2. Revenge — Kim Taylor-Foster (TV/Film Editor)

Best Movies In 2018 Revenge

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In amongst this year’s noisy blockbusters was a little rape-revenge horror that was far from quiet. While Black Panther was busy re-writing the rules for big-budget superhero movies, Revenge was brutally subverting a subgenre that often comes under fire for misogyny. Written and helmed by French director Coralie Fargeat, Revenge tells the story of a woman assaulted then left for dead by a trio of aggressively macho men, who survives to wreak her bloody revenge.

Fargeat deftly transforms protagonist Jen (Matilda Lutz) from a Lolita-looking, lollipop-sucking would-be ingenue into a smart, wily, determined and unflinching Mad Max-style warrior hell-bent on vengeance. In doing so within a post-MeToo landscape, and in making small but significant tweaks to the format such as dialling back on the traditionally graphic rape scene, Fargeat has created one of the most deceptively simple and ferociously powerful films of 2018 so far.

3. Black Panther — Adam Salandra (Entertainment Editor)

Best Movies In 2018 Black Panther

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I must admit I had fallen behind in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and recently had to catch up on the most recent iterations from home. But I couldn’t be more grateful that Black Panther was my return to visiting the MCU in an actual movie theatre because the experience was hypnotic.

The film looked and felt different than other superhero flicks and the energy in the audience was palpable. I fell in love with the characters, I fell in love with the story, and I fell head over heels in love with Wakanda. Without a doubt one of the best movies of 2018 so far, you can be certain I’ll never miss a Marvel movie in the theatre again.

4. You Were Never Really Here — Drew Dietsch (Entertainment Editor)

Best Movies In 2018 You Were Never Really Here

Joaquin Phoenix delivers one of the most terrifying, tragic, and disturbingly human performances of his entire career in this subversive thriller from Lynne Ramsey (We Need to Talk About Kevin).

This isn’t an easy film by any means — the subject matter involves kidnapping children for the most nefarious of reasons — but it cuts through any pretentious philosophizing and explores ideas of depression, loneliness, and justice in ways that are going to hit too close to home for some viewers.

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If you’re willing to go to some of the darkest corners of the human mind, You Were Never Really Here is a necessary watch that will refuse to leave your brain.

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