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Google and the Android Secret Apps



Google And The Android Secret Apps. In this post, I am going to be revealing to you, some jealously guided Google Apps you need to know, especially for those in the internet marketing niche, and to keep you updated in the world of app usage.

Google and the Android Secret Apps

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I have decided to do an outside the box research sort of a thing and ready to reveal to you these amazing Android apps, that you may not at moment get from the Google Play Store.

Google and the Android Secret Apps


Google and the Android Secret Apps
YouTube is a leading online video streaming service that allows you to view share and even download your favourite videos now streaming is just a fancy word for downloading meaning every time you watch a video on YouTube you are spending your precious data on it and FVD tube app lets you save your precious data by downloading your favourite YouTube video in any available format. Google And The Android Secret Apps.

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You can also get an inbuilt music and video player within the app which you don’t find in any other app of the same category the app offers lots of features like it blocks the annoying popping ads, download multiple videos at a time, download videos directly into audio format if you wish and has inbuilt audio and video player the app is completely free.

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You can download it from this link.


Google and the Android Secret Apps
Now monitoring someone else life could be termed an infringement on the privacy of that person, however, it is a modern option that can help in building healthy relationships as strong businesses and fair family, especially if you are in the internet marketing niche. Google And The Android Secret Apps.

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Believe it or not,the spy software market is on the rise now with new programs been introduced more frequently than ever with a spicy you get more than just monitoring and tracking capabilities, in fact, you can easily control the targeted device,access the phone to block or delete any unwanted activity, or the one you believe to be unfit for the targeted user including web pages applications and even incoming calls from certain numbers.

Now the app is not for free but the best thing that I liked about this app is that it lets you create a free trial account so that you can test some of its features before buying the full version, isn’t that awesome?

You can Download Spyzie from here.


Google and the Android Secret Apps
Now, first of all, tell me how does that name sound to you? you know popcorn, let me know what comes to your mind when you see this apps name, it simply suggests relaxation and movie time, the app will allow you to download your favourite TV CDs as well as movies with a single click,now when you’re bored you will not have to open torrent sites in Google and stumbled across the web to download the movies and TV shows.

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You must have come across several other apps on the web like, show box but none of these apps you found is as complete and as bug-free as popcorn time, you might already start liking the app, especially for our numerous internet marketers out there.

Here is your download link to popcorn.


Google and the Android Secret Apps
With this app you will also be able to download the movies or TV series that you are watching by just clicking the magnet button this will start the download in your torrent client and the MiXplorer is full of the best Android file manager out there with a very neat user interface and plenty of features that should appeal to both casual and power users alike.

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It offers tap support and a dual panel mode on big screen which helps, if you are working with several folders at once, you can also access your cloud files with up to 17 services to select from including all the popular ones such as Google Drive, Dropbox, mega and onedrive, mixplorer also supports root access for advanced operations advanced search functionalities and a very customizable user interface overall.

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It’s a very well rounded file manager you can get for free that doesn’t have ads.

You can download Mixplorer from this link.


Google and the Android Secret Apps
On a final note we will be looking a the F-DROID, you might be aware of the open source, after all, consists of all the apps that are available as open source, here you can download all the apps that are not available on Google Play Store, this app doesn’t contain any pirated or cracked software you might have heard about, like this app named black market, this app is nothing like that.

This app is great for exploring the new open source apps that you can’t find on Google Play Store and that’s the main motive behind writing this post, so, guys, these are the top secret apps pick that are not available on Play Store.

You can download F-Droid from here.

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