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How to test your remote control faulty batteries using your Smartphone



Is your remote control faulty? Or is it just that the batteries are dead? Your smartphone can help you to answer these questions. How to test your remote control faulty batteries using your Smartphone.

How to test your remote control faulty batteries using your Smartphone

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We’ve all been there. You’re surfing channels lazily while relaxing on the sofa after a rough day or just trying to pass some time in there of your big screen, then all of a sudden, the remote starts to misbehave. You begin to notice slow response times, and at times the remote may even stop working.

Out of frustration, you press the buttons harder, lift the remote up higher, or maybe even hit the remote a few times, yeah, we’ve all done that.

At this point, you can’t help but wonder whether there is something wrong with the remote, the TV, or the batteries. But there is a powerful, yet lesser-known, trick that you can use to determine whether your remote control is on its last legs. And this trick is hidden right inside your smartphone’s camera.

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Here in this write up I have highlighted ways and steps to go about it.

How to test your remote control faulty batteries using your Smartphone

Testing your remote control’s batteries with your smartphone is an easy task and should take just a minute or two of your time.

Pull out your smartphone and launch its camera app. Next, tap to switch to the selfie (front-facing) camera. Now point your remote control at the front-facing camera. Then press and hold a button, any button on the remote while pointing it towards the camera.

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If your remote control is functioning properly, you should see a flickering light originating from the remote’s IR blaster. If you don’t see a flickering light or the light is very faint, it means you probably need to replace your remote control’s batteries.

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And if even after replacing the batteries with new ones, the flicker of light does not appear, then your remote is the problem, in which case you might want to consider replacing it.

This trick does not only work with smartphone cameras. It can also work with any other digital camera out there and built-in laptop Webcam. So if all you’ve got is a laptop, try using the built-in webcam, and it should do the trick.
Note: Not all smartphone cameras will work.

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Some camera apps have built-in technologies that might bar this trick from working. So before you conclude that your remote is faulty, it’s wise to try using a different smartphone camera to see whether you’ll get the same result.

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Smartphones have come a long way to become the most versatile devices on the market today. They can perform various tasks, some of which are lesser known, like the ability to test the functionality of a remote control’s batteries.

Our smartphone cameras also have their special uses as I have stated above others include scanning codes and taking pictures but we discuss it later.

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