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How to Use Your Android Phone as Spy Camera



I am sure that most of us using the android phone are unaware that it can be used as a spy camera. This post shall be discussing How to Use Your Android Phone as Spy Camera.

How to Use Your Android Phone as Spy Camera

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How to Use Your Android Phone as Spy Camera

You can actually achieve this task by installing an app called IP WebCam. IP Webcam turns your phone into a network camera with multiple viewing options, view your camera on any platform with VLC player or web browser and stream video inside WiFi network without internet access.

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Features of IP WebCam

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  • Video upload to Dropbox, SFTP, FTP, and Email using Filoader plugin
  • Several web renderers to choose from Flash, Javascript or built-in
  • Video recording in WebM, MOV, MKV or MPEG4 (on Android 4.1+)
  • Audio streaming in wav, opus, and AAC (AAC requires Android 4.1+)
  • Motion detection with the sound trigger, Tasker integration.
  • Date, time and battery level video overlay.
  • Sensor data acquisition with online web graphing.
  • Videochat support (video stream only for Windows and Linux via a universal MJPEG video streaming driver)
  • Cloud push notifications on motion and sound, cloud recording for motion-triggered records, online video broadcasting powered by Ivideon.
  • Extensive baby and pet monitor features night vision, motion detection, sound detection.
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How to Install IP WebCam

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Firstly, you need to install IP WebCam from here.

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