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How to Protect Your Smartphone from Water or Rain Damage



Water is no doubt one of the things that cause damages to our smartphone. Immediately it penetrates into phones, it can cause damage that may result in the phone’s death. This is why I will be teaching you how to Protect Smartphone from Water or Rain Damage.

Protect Smartphone from Water

How to Protect Smartphone from Water or Rain Damage

  1. Water Proof Case Cover: Using a water proof case with your smartphone can be of a good advantage. It is as cheap as #1500 from smartphone accesory sellers.
  2. Using Zip Lock Pouches: In case, you have not purchase a water proof case cpver for your phone, you can still use pouch to protect it from water.Keep your phone safely in pouches and Zip It Up!
  3. Use of Plastic Bags: Plastic bags can be helpful in times of emergency. When you are working in wet area or you find yourself inside the rain, just keep your phone in plastic bag.
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Finally, I think I should let you know that it is safer not to use your phone in wet areas or when it is raining. Also, take hand towels with you to wipe of water from phone in cases you didn’t expect.

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