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How to Stop Scammers from Stealing Your Phone Number



With the rollout of sim porting feature in the Nigerian Telecommunications industry, it has made our phone numbers vulnerable to the by scammers. This post will be discussing how to Stop Scammers from Stealing Your Phone Number.

How to Stop Scammers from Stealing Your Phone Number

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How Scammers can Steal Your Phone Number

Sim porting is designed to let you keep your phone number when you switch to a new cellular/Network carrier.

Cybercriminals can pretend to be you and moves your current phone number to another cellular carrier of their choice.

As a result, they can steal text messages and calls sent to your phone number. If you are fond of using your phone for account verification, this means you are vulnerable to different forms of attack and of course, your bank account may be unsafe.

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How to Stop Scammers from Stealing Your Phone Number

Since mobile numbers have been found out to be prone to theft, it will be wise of you to consider not using your phone number for online/offline verification purposes.

You may consider email verification method as it safer and it is less prone to attacks.

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You don’t have any reason to fall a victim since you’ve been informed. Now do your part to inform your friends and loved ones by sharing this post with them.

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